Lesson summary

During the week, we learned about how clouds form, humidity, and types of clouds. Fisrt, clouds form when water vapor in the air becomes liquid water or ice crystals. The process by which molecules of water vapor in the air become liquid water is called condensation. Also, the temp. at which condensation begins is the dew point.

             Second, humidity- is the measure of the amount of water vapor in the air. It is also measured in relative humidity. That’s say when 1 cubic meter, at 50 degrees F., can hold a maxium of 12 grams and it actully is. Then the relative humidity is 100 percent. Say there actully was 6 grams in the air, then it would be fifty percent.

      Finally, types of cloud- (the three main) Cumulus, stratus, and cirrus. Cumulus are in “heaps” and usually mean fair waether. Stratus are thin, gray cloud and may produce rain, drizzle, or snow. And finally cirrus. Cirrrus are   thin, wispy, feather cloud. They form high where temps. are low, so they are made of ice crystals.


Favorite thing in science

My favorite thing in science this year was when did a lab on plate tectonics, but we used gramcrackers and cream to show it. It was really fun, it really helped me in learning about plates, what happens when this and this collide, and it was delicious afterwards. That really helped me in the test coming up and even helped in the final exam which I took  thirty minutse ago. It was fun, I leared important thing, and it was delicious!

Evaluting challenges

I say challenge 5 was the most useful to my profile because it really got me organized and helped me a lot about cool little things in my profile. I think the coolest for sure was favorites. I had a blast writing it, setting it up, and adding cool stuuff in it. It was definently my favorite challenge. Some stuff I like to see in the future is more world stuff. Like when we did challenge 6. It was fun to go to a wwebsite I learn about water stuff. I may add some stuff on later cause I am not sure I did evrything I needed to.


         I have tons of favorites!!!!!! First my favorite thing to do is to play sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and tennis. My favorite sport is baseball though. My favorite vdoe game (just switchen to a new subject now) is MW3! It is amazing. Its graphics are so good and the game modes are great. If it came between sports VS. vidoe games it would be sports!

                Now on to music. My favorite type of music is pop, but my favorite singer (rapper) is Eminem. He is a awsome rapper. My favorite song is a song he rapped and was “Lose yourself”. My favorite pop peoples are Maroon 5 and thier song “moves like jagger”.

 LOSE YOURSELF  http://rap.about.com/od/toppicks/tp/TopEminemSongs.htm -You can download songs there ik you want to.

              Finally on to FOOD! My favorite is dessert of coures, but my favorite “healthy” food Thanks giving turkey. PLus I just got to eat about 5 POUNDS of it over the week! I had some at my house, dear old granny’s house,and at uncles’ and aunts’ houses. Back to dessert. MY favorite dessert is a triple scoop with one chocalite chip scoop, one cookies and cream flavor, and one scoop of pure chocalite. Topped with whip cream and a rosey, red cherry! It is like paridise! OHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH – cool aid. (if you know what I mean)

My Family

My family likes to go out to entertainment places such as sport games, tasty, yummy restraunts, paintball and alot more. During the week we usually stay at home or go to my baseball games and my brother’s basketball games. Our family like different things. My mother’s side likes to go on hikes and stuff like that. While my dad’s side like to play video games, sports, and entertainment places(amusment park, paintball, MW3; etc.) Recently we have gone to New York to visti family members. There we went to see the Mets (baseball team), got to go to the top of the empire state building, and saw the statue of liberty! It was AMAZING!


Creativity is what makes life exciting. With art, writing, experiments, animations, music, and more. It also can make stuff relaxing. With journals, diaries, art (agian), and music (again). In my life I like to make up cool experiments, think of making animation on video games, mostly, and I listen to music all the time. Creativity is what drives us to do and make better.(Animation for vidoe game, KIRBY!)

United Nations

The website we very fun for being to learn stuff. I found out alot about water. Like if you have a leaky faucet, it can leak about EIGHT buckets of water per day. That’s alot of water! Also one person (in a house) uses 100-300 liters of water a day by just drinking, showers,baths, flushing the toilet, ETC. Did you know that it takes 150 liters of water to make astack of paper. Finally I learned that we lose half of the water we use for irragation from evaporation and inflitration from soil. One other thing I learned was that little kids are battling in war. Sad. Some are as little as 7 year olds. They’re just  kids. That is what I did on the website. That was just some of the stuff they had! They are really big.

The Earth’s inside structure

We can tell the inside structure of the Earth with two things, earthquakes and volcanoes. With earthquakes and P and S waves tell us many things. First, since S waves can not past through  liquids, we can found out any part of the inside of the Earth and if it is a liquid. Then the P wave  goes slower through liquid and faster through solids. That also helps us decide if the Earth’s inside is solid or liquid.

After searching and researching P and S waves, we found out that the middle of the world is liquid. We also found out that it then we found out the next layer is a solid. We also found out that the next layer is a  liquid. Finally, we found out that the rest of the layers are solids. We found all this with earthquakes and the P and S wave.  (and the exception of  volcanoes).


picture story

In this picture I see a math, number, Chick-fa-la cow going to a nice country place and exploring his wisdom. He vistited many places such as the church and house in the backround. Now he took a break in the meadows to chow down (or he is stuck in thier because besides math, he is not so smart). And afterwords, he is going to more places.BY=Attribution-NoDervis Licence

Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic

After School

After Shcool, I play basketball,tennis, and baseball sports wise. I mostly play baseball on a travel team. Basetball and tennis are more of a side thing. In my free time I’ll play waffelball and other outside stuff. I also like to play Call of Duty MW2 and Black Ops (war games, PS three). I usually finish half my homework, then do wahtever I want intill after dinner. Then I do the rest.  I love to watch baseball and football. Every Sunday my dad I watch football one pm to ten pm. We eat wings, hotdogs in a blanket and sweets over the time for lunch and dinner. We also eat chips and soda. We pick which teams win and lose every week and we both have our own fantasy teams. It is awsome. That is mostly my after school activties.